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Best Pinhole Spy Camera Review – Hidden Cameras Ensure Hidden Protection

Spy cameras are not exclusive products for FBI agents and detectives any more. Every one of us could own one if we want, as these spy gadgets are easily located in electronics shops and nearly every wholesale electronics website has such kind of items in large quantity and different styles. Their prices are high? Not any more. The cheapest one only cost you several dollars. Thanks to the help of high technology.

Why they are invisible? They have colors and shapes – we could touch them by our hands. Why we don’t notice such gadgets? Pinhole spy cameras are either invisible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised perfectly in another shapes of every day objects which are too common to be noticed. Hardly do we notice that clocks, radios, ball caps, car keys, or else might be spy cameras. Usually, such kind of products views their surroundings via a hole between 1/6 to 1/2 and inch.

Spy camera purchase newbies might feel hard to understand tricky specification stats as there are so many terminologies in the description. Actually, these products are produced based on the same theory. You could find the majority of hidden camera products descriptions have many points in common. If you know one item very well, it will become easy for you to understand others, except spy devices for military or professional use.

After browsed so many website online, I found that the description from PICKEGG is one of the shops which offer easy-to-understand illustrations, despite of some grammar mistakes and long product names. This online store doesn’t list too many spy cameras, but I could see how strictly they select their electronic gadgets, as many of their products are hot on the market which feature competitive prices and high quality. For example:

Wallet Shaped Spy Audio – Wireless Hidden In-ear Spy Audio Receiver Kit – The transmitter inside a normal looking wallet measures only about inch, hard to be noticed – All the kits are wireless including transmitter, receiver and covert ear piece – Walkie-talkie is a great addition to remote transmission

MP3 Player Style Pinhole – USB Rechargeable TF Card 3.0MP Pinhole Spy Camera and MP3 Player – Camera: 3.0 mega pixel. – Image format: JPG 1280960 resolution – Video resolution: AVI 640480 resolution – TV-out: PAL/NTSC – Support up to 8GB micro SD/TF card – USB rechargeable – 3.5mm jack for audio out/AV out – Maximal working time: 50 minutes – OS supported: Windows2000/XP/Vista/7

Watch Shaped Spy Camera – USB Rechargeable Waterproof Wristwatch with 1.3MP Pinhole Spy Camera – Waterproof, ideal for outdoor use – Camera: 1.3 mega pixel – Image format: JPG 16001200 resolution – Video resolution: 1280960 resolution – Built-in Memory: 8GB – Charge and data transfer: USB cable – Plug & Play

Will you note that these common-shaped items are spy cameras? Definitely not! Spy camera offers hidden protection while they also bother our daily lives if someone uses them for evil purposes. Anyway, if we behave ourselves, we have nothing to worry.