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November 2017

The History And Application Of Merino Wool

Merino wool is not a commonly known wool that is used to produce a high quality piece of clothing. But what is merino wool and how is it sourced, and how is it different from traditional wools?

Merino is an influential breed of sheep that is well known for its quality wool. These sheep are regarded as having the finest and softest wool, when compared to all the different breeds of sheep.

The History
An unknown fact is that more than half of the world’s sheep population are descendants from merino sheep, or from a merino cross breed. This breed originated from Spain. Sheep are mainly traded for their meat and for wool, with the merino being chosen and traded for their wool, specifically. This can also be a result of them having much smaller bodies than other breeds. Australia and New Zealand and many other countries are now considered major exporters of the wool, along with Spain.

Originally the term ‘Merino’ would strictly mean wool that is from Spanish merino sheep. But since other countries are providing high quality wool also, the term has been broadened further.

Applications & Current Uses
Merino wool is often described as springy and tightly crimped, although there are different strains that produce different classifications of wool. The different classifications can be divided into medium, fine medium, fine, superfine and ultra fine.

The wool has many different applications throughout the clothing industry. This ranges from high-end fashion to running clothing. Not forgetting that it is also widely used within skiing, hiking, cycling and mountain climbing clothing. It has become a main choice because of its ability to provide insulation and because of its superiority over other wools and fabrics.

The reason for it being used so widely is because of the properties of the wool, when compared to other fabrics. Here’s a short list of the benefits:

– A high warmth to weight ratio, compared to other wools.
– Contains antibacterial properties.
– One of the softest wool types available.
– It’s ability to maintain warmth when wet.
– Great at regulating body temperature.
– Stretches but maintains its shape.
– A breathable material.

The fashion industry has also not overlooked the additional benefits that the wool can provide their clothing. For example a large number of high quality women and mens merino jumpers that are 100% pure are very popular, for the benefits listed above.

Another reason that is often overlooked is the sensitivity of the wool. Because it is a natural fibre, it is soft on the skin and will reduce the irritation for people who have sensitive skin.

Why Buy a New Cravat Tie

A cravat are a small piece of cloth that is worn around neck by men for extreme levels of comfort. They substitute a scarf that is flaunted by women during olden days. The appearances of cravats are a rarity in the modern world. However, fashion designers have brought back that old style of cravats in the form of cravat ties. These appear to be similar like ties but have the advantage of extra cloth with some deeply impacting designs such as polka dots. In the present days, the usage of cravat ties is mostly observed during official parties wherein officers belonging to the defence sector are seen increasingly displaying cravat ties of their choice.

The choice of buying a cravat tie lies with the person who is going to wear it. However, one has to consider the price factor. Several malls offer beautiful cravat ties for a reasonable price. Taking this trend a step forward, branded stores offer them laced with huge discounts and irresistible offers. A majority of the people who buy a cravat tie are grooms who are planning for their wedding in a traditional way. Wearing cravat ties ensures dignified look for men. Also, they stand out in the whole crowd, as most of them will be wearing conventional ties in general. Purchasing a silky cravat tie will improve the looks further.

Purchasing cravat ties in bulk not only benefits regarding the price issue but also produces that theme of groom as well as ring bearers displaying same kind of cravats during the formalisation of wedding ceremonies. Meanwhile, a cravat tie that is having stripes on it can be adopted for sport events. Most of the popular sportsmen are seen displaying them while playing their favourite sports like golf, polo and even billiards. Cotton cravat ties are evolving on an extensive note to cater to the needs of the existing market situation. Even school going kids are found to be in favour of these trendy cravats in huge numbers.

Any cravat tie, of whichever brand, is seen as a symbol of perfection and brings out the gentleman’s attitude from every person who is wearing it. While considering to wear cravat ties of their choice, men need to make sure that they are wearing a matching combination of dress. Showing cravat ties upon blazers will maximize the attire. Buying quality cravat ties from a recognised store will ensure reliability.

Wearing a toe ring

A toe ring is a ring that can be made out of various metals and non-metals worn on any of the toes. It is usually almost exclusively worn by women but is becoming more popular with men. The second toe of either foot is where they are worn most commonly. In most western countries they are a relatively new fashion accessory. There is no symbolic meaning for wearing toe rings though and they are only regarded to be a new fashion jewellery. They often accompany barefoot sandals. Wearing of toe rings is commonly practiced in India where it is worn as a symbol of married state by Hindu women and is called bichiya. They are usually made of silver and worn in pairs unlike the trend in Western countries, where they are worn singly or in unmatched pairs on the second toe of the foot. Traditionally a large ring was worn on the great toe of the left foot to indicate a married status. Some men frequently wore a ring on the big toe for curative purposes or to augment their masculine vigor. These rings were seldom closed circles but open hoops so that they could easily be removed.

Nowadays, toe rings are usually comfortable to wear. The bands can be made of a special stretchable plastic that will easily conform to your toe size. As you wouldnt always know which size to take when you buy a toe ring, the best method is to use a piece of dental floss or a skinny piece of string. Just wrap it around the middle section of the toe (or thumb, knuckle or pinky) where you would like the ring to rest. Cut or mark at the exact location where the two ends meet making a complete circle. Line the floss up against a flat ruler that has a millimeter measurement, and use that number as your 1st Size. Then measure the widest part of toe pad repeating the process with the floss. This measurement will be entered as your 2nd Size. For best results, round down, not up.

Creating a Spooky Night

Halloween has a fond memory in the hearts of minds of many of us that remembers all the fun we had as children dressing up and going to parties and of course “trick or treating”. What is so wonderful about this night is that the fun does not have to end just because you are grown up. Everyone loves to dress up and enjoy a fun party. The hardest thing about Halloween is creating a party that will be remembered by all guests young and old alike. Of course, you want to have the spookiest party of the year!

You must start with as many scary decorations as possible and yummy appropriate treats such as caramel apples. The entire idea is to create a unique theme for your Halloween party such as transforming your party room into a crypt, a cemetery, or even a scene out of scary movie. You can even have an outdoor party with a theme such as a scene out of Freddy, Jason, or even coffins with vampires. There is no end to the type of scenario you can design. The fun will begin when everyone gathers in his or her own costumes.

If you desire a themed Halloween party, you must ensure that all guests dress for the theme. If your theme is centered on zombies, vampires, or even the underworld you must let your guests know so they can find the best costumes to wear to enjoy your evening of scary fun.

Do not forget to include games. You can have games for both children and adults such as bobbing for apples. You can include spider webs all over the place, spooky sounds, and other great decorations.

What about costumes? If you plan a themed Halloween party, then you will have to find the perfect costume for that specific theme. On the other hand, if you just want a Halloween party without any specific theme, you can choose from a large array of Halloween costumes from fun and sexy to scary and spooky. If you will have children at your party, then you may wish to forget the scariest costumes available or you may have kids screaming instead of having fun.

This year for Halloween, start making your plans now. Look for Halloween recipes, decorations, and other ways to create an unforgettable spooky night. Once you have all of this in place, I hope you remembered to find your Halloween costume. If you plan to wear a popular one, you may soon learn they are all gone and you will be out of luck. Some of the most popular for children include black cats, pumpkins, super heroes, witches, ghosts, and of course various monsters. This will change according to their age. As they become older, they will want to look as gruesome as possible. For adults, the most popular are Dracula, vampires, witches, and of course characters out of scary movies.

Mixing of cotton and silk fabric feel you comfortable in assam sarees

Assam is well known for its handloom cotton and silk fabrics. It is located in the north eastern part of India. Assam Cotton Saris are light in weight, comfortable, easy to carry all day and maintain. Raw materials used are mainly cotton, or more recently mercerized cotton, which is soft & shiny. Zari work or multi colored threads woven on these fabrics gives the rich feel. Beautiful patterns of fruits, flowers, diamonds, animals, birds or human figures are generally impressed on these Cotton Sarees.

Designer Assam Cotton Saree of exotic prints and embroidery work has charm and appeal. And would suit as stylish wear for a variety of occasions. Assam poly cotton sari with mango block printed and zari border is stylish and suited for corporate wear since it does not crumple, and is easy to manage and carry the the whole day. Multi color cotton thread woven Assam Cotton Saree with a designer pallu is awesome wear. This can be worn for functions, parties and corporate conferences. Floral designs on the Assam Cotton Saree with two beautiful borders of zari and embroidered patch is suitable wear for school teachers, professors and during festive occasions.

Assam in the North Eastern Part of India is one of the -seven sisters’. It has a flourishing textile industry because of the good quality of cotton grown in the region and the rearing of silkworms for producing silk, which is a household occupation. Assam Sarees are known for being light on the body and need little to maintain. Available in both cotton and silk varieties, with their beautiful patterns, elegant borders and multi-coloured hues, they are a feast for the eyes. Assam Silk Sarees are made from Muga (golden silk), Mulberry Silk or Eri Silk, with the Muga Silk variety being most popular. Muga Silk Worms abound only in Assam and in the North East, since they can survive only in the climatic conditions found there. Muga Silks acquire a new dimension in beauty when zari work or multi-coloured threads with patterns like fruits, flowers, diamonds, animals, birds as motifs, accompany the base fabric.

The multi-colour cotton threads woven on the fancy silk saree with a designer pallu to match, make it look grand and very appropriate for social occasions, grand parties and corporate functions. The bistre brown colour Assam handloom pure silk tie and dye saree is a stunner. It has maroon peacock and tree designs ikkat woven with maroon coloured borders. The border has naksi weaving and ikkat weaving work and is flanked by maroon coloured temple resham border on either side. With a horizontal ikkat woven maroon pallu with floral and peacock designs in different colours. It is very suitable for weddings, parties, functions and social gatherings.

Unnatisilks, the largest ethnic online Indian shop offers exquisite Designer assam sarees with matching blouse for online sale. Unnati has unique fusion creations both in retail and wholesale . Buy Online shop for latest assam silk sarees, fancy Indian silk saris, assam silk sari, wedding assam silks at affordable prices from Unnati silks, Indian ethnic shopping store. Worldwide express shipping to India, UK,USA, Dubai, Kuwait and others. Unnati Silks, has trendy designs, attractive patterns, in pleasing colours and combinations in its wide collection of assam cotton and silk Sarees, at very reasonable prices.

Unnati is one of the largest Indian ethnic online websites with over 300 varieties of traditional sarees and salwar kameez.Dispatch is within 24 hours of order. Free delivery & COD is provided for retail.Worldwide express shipping caters to almost all countries across the world. Contact: UNNATI SILK PRINTS PVT. LTD, #3-4-360, Vajra Complex, General Bazar (Tobacco Bazar), M.G.Road, Hyderabad-500003.AP,India. 040-64555251 or 97000 57744.

Zanetti and Flat Front Suits

Zanetti Suits are splendid luxury suits with unique color and pattern. Every guy needs this sleek, sophisticated suit. Zanetti offers modern distinguished styles and lasting designs that give you a professional look. These suits are attractive, durable and comfortable. They can be used for formal occasions and office meetings.

Zanetti Classic Pinstripe Suits made of superfine virgin wool are available in black, charcoal, grey and navy colors. The suit includes 3-button notch, single-breasted, convertible besom/flap hip pockets, non-vented back, 4-button vented sleeves, viscose inside body and sleeve lining, and 3 inside coat pockets including lower cigarette pocket.

Zanetti Grey Striped Wool 3-button Suit made of 100% wool features medium weight wool pantsuit with thin beige and blue stripes. The blazer has lightly padded shoulders, notch collar, three-button center front closure, upper front left breast pocket, two lower front welt pockets with flaps, front and back princess seams, long sleeves, 1″ vent in sleeves with faux four-button closure, inner front right side welt pocket, and two inner front left welt pockets.

Zanetti The quality, style, fabrics and overall wear of the Zanetti suits make men consistently happy. Its long sleeves make it suitable for taller guys. With a few minor tailoring adjustments the suit fits for most men.

Flat Front Suits

Flat front suits came back into fashion a few years ago with the 1960s retro fashion trend. They continue to be a popular choice in mens suits and offer a welcome change from various pleated designs. The pants are stylish with or without the suit jacket. If you want a change from the classic suit or pleated styles, make your next purchase a flat front suit.

At Mens USA, we carry a great selection of flat front suits in a variety of colors and styles. We offer suits in two or three button jackets, with or without a vest with flat front pants. Browse our inventory to find great prices on high quality flat front suits. When you shop with us, you can afford to be on the cutting edge of mens fashion.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality flat front suits for an affordable price, while offering the best in customer service. We use fabrics and construction methods that are comparable to big designers in mens fashion. The difference between our suits and the big designers is our reasonable prices.

Know Your Perfume

Roots, Ambergris, woods, honeycomb, musk (synthetic), lichens, civets, seaweed are some of the other sources of aromas.

Organic synthetics are created from petroleum and pine resins for scents which cannot be obtained from nature. There are really hundreds of ingredients that are contained in perfume oils. The modern fragrance houses have developed their own fragrance oils, which are blended with ethyl alcohol and water for fourteen days; these are then filtered and unwanted particles removed; they are then filled into beautiful perfume bottles.

These days, we find well known celebrities signing contracts with perfume houses to lend their names for promoting famous perfumes. Some of the most popular ones are David Beckham for Instinct, Antonio Banderas for Spirit, Elizabeth Taylor for White Diamonds, Passion, Forever Elizabeth, and many more.

Leather a Key Trend for Men in 2013

If theres one fabric that never seems to go out of style, its leather. From classic biker jackets and leather satchels to more daring leather trousers, leather always rears its stylish head on the catwalk and on the street.

In 2013, leather has quickly evolved from a timeless fashion fallback to a key mens clothing trend of the year. If you want to get in on the trend, there are plenty of different ways to make leather work for you.

The simplest and most time-honoured way to wear this enduring fabric is in the form of a leather jacket. The iconic status of the leather jacket has been reinforced in countless films, from James Deans classic cut in 1955s Rebel Without a Cause to the many red ones sported by Brad Pitt in 1999s Fight Club.

Todays styles havent veered too far from the mould. Biker jackets are still typically solid black, with an asymmetrical zip and pockets on either side. Some variations may offer extra details, like patterned stitching at the shoulders or cuffs. But in general, leather jackets look just as stylish worn over jeans and a white t-shirt in 2013 as they did in 1955.

If youre after a modern twist on this classic style, seek out a brown leather jacket with a ribbed fabric waist and three-quarter sleeves. This style particularly suits slim men who might otherwise be swamped by the square proportions of a traditional style. A tailored jacket with leather elbow patches is another great way to sneak leather into a contemporary formal outfit.

Alternatively, for outerwear thats less biker gang and more fighter pilot, look for a style with a sheepskin collar and cuffs. Sheepskin is another key trend for 2013, and combining it with leather is the ideal way to fuse two fashion must-haves this year.

More ways to wear leather

Naturally, mens leather jackets arent the only way to wear this vintage fabric. Leather shirts, for instance, are a quick and easy way to join the trend, and look great worn with jeans and smart shoes to a bar or restaurant. And if youre feeling brave, its never been a better time to wear leather trousers. If you decide to take the plunge, its advisable to go all in: leather trousers look their best when theyre matched with a leather jacket. Wear with a simple Merino wool jumper for a sophisticated look, or a graphic t-shirt for an outfit that stands out from the crowd.

Fashion Sense That Wont Break The Bank For The Gentlemen

If youre a gentlemen and you want to look the part but are worried about the financial costing let me start of by saying your shopping to hard. Shop cleverly and save a few pounds or dollars but look better than you currently are.

Were going to off with helping you decide on a colour. There are millions of colours out there for the clothes you want to buy but which one suits you. Before you say “All Colours Suit Me” theres only a handful that will suit you as a person. If you dont want to grab attention choose purple or black, these colours means authority and will show other people quality from the moment they see you. How ever if you want the attention from everyone wear red or even better yellow. These two colours are very catchy to the eye and will show other people that you want attention, full stop.

Your hair says a lot about you. It shows if you love getting out of bed or it shows you hate getting out of bed. Then it shows how organised you as a person are. If you are organised then your hair will reflect this as you may have taken the time out to smarten your hair. But if your not organised then your hair will be lets say scruffy? The last part your hair shows to other people is that are you a person that loves your hair or just some one that will make do as it is? If you love your hair youll wake up on a morning and will spend best part of half an hour designing and styling your hate to impress people. But if you are someone that makes do with what they have with their then your hair will be probably at the least be combed with a brush and nothing extravagant will be done.

When your shopping for clothing depending on what colour you are shopping far will determine how much it costs. If you go for a popular colour that everyone else wants such as a black jacket then it will be significantly cheaper than buying a fluorescent jacket quite simply because the manufacture knows black is an all item favourite and they will produce more blacks jacket which will mean a lower cost per unit. Where as they know a fluorescent coloured jacket which could be a niche colour jacket has a small target market and therefore not many people will be demanding for this coloured item so they will make a smaller batch of these coloured jackets. Due to the economies of scale the smaller batch of jackets will be more expensive to buy than a batch of jackets that were made on a mass scale.

How ever knowing that your clothes are not made on a mass scale and knowing that no everyone will buy your coloured jacket shows that you will be unique to that one jacket.

With financial costing for your hair please note that if you wanting to do extravagant stylings with your hair you will need to buy quality hair gel which could cost quite a bit. I would go for the casual just got out of the bed style of hair, because my bank balance will be a lot healthier end of the day.

Best Pinhole Spy Camera Review – Hidden Cameras Ensure Hidden Protection

Spy cameras are not exclusive products for FBI agents and detectives any more. Every one of us could own one if we want, as these spy gadgets are easily located in electronics shops and nearly every wholesale electronics website has such kind of items in large quantity and different styles. Their prices are high? Not any more. The cheapest one only cost you several dollars. Thanks to the help of high technology.

Why they are invisible? They have colors and shapes – we could touch them by our hands. Why we don’t notice such gadgets? Pinhole spy cameras are either invisible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised perfectly in another shapes of every day objects which are too common to be noticed. Hardly do we notice that clocks, radios, ball caps, car keys, or else might be spy cameras. Usually, such kind of products views their surroundings via a hole between 1/6 to 1/2 and inch.

Spy camera purchase newbies might feel hard to understand tricky specification stats as there are so many terminologies in the description. Actually, these products are produced based on the same theory. You could find the majority of hidden camera products descriptions have many points in common. If you know one item very well, it will become easy for you to understand others, except spy devices for military or professional use.

After browsed so many website online, I found that the description from PICKEGG is one of the shops which offer easy-to-understand illustrations, despite of some grammar mistakes and long product names. This online store doesn’t list too many spy cameras, but I could see how strictly they select their electronic gadgets, as many of their products are hot on the market which feature competitive prices and high quality. For example:

Wallet Shaped Spy Audio – Wireless Hidden In-ear Spy Audio Receiver Kit – The transmitter inside a normal looking wallet measures only about inch, hard to be noticed – All the kits are wireless including transmitter, receiver and covert ear piece – Walkie-talkie is a great addition to remote transmission

MP3 Player Style Pinhole – USB Rechargeable TF Card 3.0MP Pinhole Spy Camera and MP3 Player – Camera: 3.0 mega pixel. – Image format: JPG 1280960 resolution – Video resolution: AVI 640480 resolution – TV-out: PAL/NTSC – Support up to 8GB micro SD/TF card – USB rechargeable – 3.5mm jack for audio out/AV out – Maximal working time: 50 minutes – OS supported: Windows2000/XP/Vista/7

Watch Shaped Spy Camera – USB Rechargeable Waterproof Wristwatch with 1.3MP Pinhole Spy Camera – Waterproof, ideal for outdoor use – Camera: 1.3 mega pixel – Image format: JPG 16001200 resolution – Video resolution: 1280960 resolution – Built-in Memory: 8GB – Charge and data transfer: USB cable – Plug & Play

Will you note that these common-shaped items are spy cameras? Definitely not! Spy camera offers hidden protection while they also bother our daily lives if someone uses them for evil purposes. Anyway, if we behave ourselves, we have nothing to worry.

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